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News - This unit displays the latest laws and regulations information in the past months.

No Date Title
1. 2021.06.29 Regulations for Approving Imports of Designated Regulated Articles
2. 2021.06.29 Regulations for Approving Imports of Designated Plant Regulated Articles
3. 2021.06.16 Veterinarian Act
4. 2021.05.19 Animal Protection Act
5. 2021.05.05 The Forestry Act
6. 2021.04.22 Regulations on the Management and Guidance of the Equipment for Vessel Position Reporting, Catch Reporting, Navigational Chart, and Monitoring Center
7. 2021.04.21 Imported Organic Agricultural Product and Organic Agricultural Processed Product Management Regulations
8. 2021.04.07 Regulations for Quarantine of Animal/ Plant Carried by Passengers and Service Personnel on Vehicles
9. 2021.02.05 Standards for Collecting the Administration Fees, Service Charges and Necessary Charges in Agricultural Technology Parks
10. 2021.02.03 Animal Protection Ac