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News - This unit displays the latest laws and regulations information in the past months.

No Date Title
1. 2022.05.24 Quarantine Regulations for Animal Quarantine Objects and Plant Regulated Articles Entering the Free Trade Zones
2. 2022.05.23 Enforcement Rules of Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases
3. 2022.04.12 Regulations for Tuna Longline Fishing Vessels Proceeding to the Indian Ocean for Fishing Operation
4. 2022.03.29 Regulations for the Importation of Objects Subject to Animal Quarantine
5. 2022.02.08 The Standards Rates of the Fees Concerning Plant Variety and Plant Seed Administration
6. 2022.01.27 Regulations for the Issuance of Building Permit and Fishing License of Fishing Vessel
7. 2021.12.22 Farmer Pension Act
8. 2021.12.22 Farmer Health Insurance Act
9. 2021.11.03 Procedure for the Recognition of Infectious Animal Disease-Free Status of a Foreign Country (Zone)
10. 2021.08.24 Standards for the Inspection of Public Stock Paddy