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Title: Quarantine Requirements for The Importation of Lilies, Gladiolus, and Dahlia Bulbs Ch
Date: 2001.07.18
Legislative: 1.Promulgated by COA on April 22, 1999,
2.Amended on August 8, 2000
3.Amended on July 18, 2001

The importation of lilies, gladiolus, and dahlia bulbs shall be regulated pursuant to the Plant Protection and Quarantine Act and its enforcement rules and shall be in compliance with the following requirements.

1. Lilies, gladiolus, and dahlia bulbs shall pass export
   quarantine inspection by the plant quarantine authority of the
   exporting country and be accompanied with phytosanitary
   certificate issued by the said authority, stating that the
   bulbous plants have been thoroughly inspected during the
   growing season and found free from the pests in the
 1.1 Lilies bulbs - stem nematode ( Ditylenchus dipsaci),
     white fringed beetle ( Graphognathus leucoloma ), and bulb
     mite ( Rhizoglyophus echinopus )
 1.2 Gladiolus bulbs - stem nematode ( Ditylenchus dipsaci), 
     potato rot nematode ( Ditylenchus destructor ), and bulb
     mite ( Rhizoglyophus echinopus)
 1.3 Dahlia bulbs - stem nematode ( Ditylenchus dipsaci),
     potato rot nematode ( Ditylenchus destructor), white fringed 
     beetle ( Graphognathus leucoloma), and bulb mite (
     Rhizoglyophus echinopus)

2. Procedures, methods, and sampling for import inspection
   shall follow the relevant plant quarantine regulations.

3. If any other plant pest of quarantine significance occurs in
   the exporting country and it poses risk to the production
   safety of agriculture in the Republic of China, the importation
   may be suspended at any time by the Bureau of Animal and
   Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine of the Republic of

4. The requirements are subject to amendment at any time if