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Title: Directions for Accrediting Organic Agricultural Products Bodies Ch
Date: 2020.12.31
Legislative: 1.Promulgated under Order Nung-Liang-Tze 0961062188 dated
November 27, 2007
2.Revised under Order Nung-Liang-Tze 0991051447 dated March 3,
3.Revised under Order Nung-Liang-Tze 1011052588 dated March 5,
4.Abolished under Order Nung-Liang-Tze 109107145 0A dated
December 31, 2020
Content: 1. These Operating Guidelines are duly enacted by the Council of
   Agriculture, Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as COA, 
   or Council of Agriculture) in accordance with Articles 4 and 
   5 of Regulations Governing Agricultural Product Certification
   Bodies for implementation of the accreditation operation over
   Organic Agricultural Product Certification Bodies.

2. The accreditation conducted by the Council of Agriculture on 
   organic agricultural product certification bodies shall be 
   classified into the following scope in accordance with the 
   contents of the certification conducted by the certification
(1) Organic agricultural food products,
(2) Organic agricultural processed products.
(3) Organic livestock products.
(4) Organic livestock processed products.
(5) Organic aquatic products.
(6) Organic aquatic processed products.

3. An institution, school, juristic (corporate) person or entity 
   who applies for being accredited into an organic agricultural
   product certification body, or a certification body who 
   applies for extended assessment or for reassessment
   (hereinafter collectively referred to as Applicants) shall, 
   before going any further, apply to a specific assessment body
   which has satisfactorily passed the review by the Council of 
   Agriculture and shall satisfactorily pass the conformity 
   assessment for organic agricultural product certification 
   bodies before filing application to the Council of 
   An applicant shall, while filing the aforementioned 
   application to the Council of Agriculture, fill out the 
   accreditation application for organic agricultural product 
   certification body (Cf. Appendix 1) and shall submit the 
   certificate issued by the specific assessment body.

4. An applicant for being accredited as a specific assessment 
   body shall file the application to the Council of Agriculture
   along with the following supporting documents for review.The 
   Council of Agriculture will advise the applicant of the 
   result of review in writing:
(1) Multi Lateral Arrangement mutual recognition for product 
    certification of International Accreditation Forum.
(2) Documents regarding handling of conformity assessment 
    operation of the organic agricultural products certification
    a. Quality manual.
    b. Assessment standards.
    c. Accreditation procedures, surveillance procedures, 
       extended assessment procedures and reassessment 
    d. Rough calculation of costs and rates for charges.
    e. Regulations regarding screening/selection, training, 
       performance rating, dispatch and assessments of 
       assessors and experts.
(3) Conformity Commitment of the Specific Assessment Body 
    (Cf. Appendix 2).

5.The Council of Agriculture reviews based on the following 
  conditions and requires continual compliance of the specific 
  assessment bodies:
(1) Assessment based on compliance—The accreditation bodies 
    provide General Requirements for Accreditation Bodies 
    Accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies (ISO/IEC 17011), 
    and set up the system of conformity assessment of 
    certification bodies to put them into implementation 
(2) Participate in international accreditation forums. The 
    Council of Agriculture has duly executed the Multi Lateral 
    Arrangement mutual recognition for the accreditation fields
    of product certification bodies.
(3) Render conformity assessment services for organic 
    agricultural product certification bodies. The assessment 
    criteria are the same as norm for Accreditation of Organic 
    Agricultural Product Certification Bodies.
(4) The procedures documents set forth in Paragraph 2, 
    Subparagraph 3 of the preceding Article shall be consistent 
    with the contents of Article 5, Paragraph 1 of Regulations 
    Governing Management over Agricultural Products 
    Certification Bodies.
(5) Organic agricultural product certification bodies shall 
    submit implement performance reports of the rendered 
    conformity assessment services to COA on a set period 
(6) Coordination with the Council of Agriculture in 
    supervision over the audit under Subparagraph 5 of the 
    preceding paragraph.

The enactment and implementation of the accreditation 
procedures, surveillance procedures, extended assessment 
procedures and reassessment procedures by a specific assessment 
body which has satisfactorily passed the review by the Council 
of Agriculture shall be deemed as the enactment and 
implementation of the various procedures enacted and 
implemented by the Council of Agriculture in accordance with 
Article 4 of Regulations Governing Management over Agricultural
Products Certification bodies.

The initial assessment, extended assessment or reassessment of 
the certification body conformity assessment conducted by 
specific assessment body shall submit an assessment decision 
report and copies of relevant issuance and replacement of the 
accreditation certificate within three days after assessment 
decision made to COA.

The COA shall have the name list of the specific assessment 
bodies disclosed onto the COA website.

6.COA shall, after receipt of application from an organic 
  agricultural product certification body for accreditation, 
  extended assessment or reassessment procedures, inform the 
  certification body of the acceptance in writing after 
  confirming the completion of application form and enclosed 
  documents. COA will conduct document review over the 
  compliance with the accreditation guide for an organic 
  agricultural product certification body after receipt of the 
  submitted documents under preceding article third paragraph 
  from specific assessment body:
(1) That the applicant has received no penalty of being 
    annulled or abolished under Article 10, Paragraph 2; 
    Article 21, Paragraph 2; Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the 
    Agricultural Product Production and Certification 
    Management Act within three years prior to the date of 
(2) That the organizational operation of the organic 
    agricultural product certification body and capability of 
    the competence of its personnel should live up to the 
    General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product 
    Certification Systems (ISO/IEC Guide 65), the Council of 
    Agriculture’s specific requirements of the personnel of 
    the organic agricultural product certification body and 
    testing laboratories, (CF. Appendix 3), Agricultural 
    Product Production and Certification Management Act and 
    laws and ordinances concerned, laws and ordinances, 
    administrative rules and promulgations promulgated by 
    other administrative authorities.

    Where as necessary when the Council of Agriculture conducts 
    the documented review as mentioned in the preceding 
    paragraph, the Council of Agriculture may organize the 
    review panel to conduct the headquarters assessment or 
    witness assessment upon the applicants, or may request the 
    specific assessment bodies to provide relevant information.

7. The applicants shall satisfactorily pass accreditation, 
   extended assessment or reassessment and may receive issuance 
   or replacement of the accreditation certificates 
   (Cf. Appendix 4) in accordance with Article 7, Paragraph 1; 
   Article 8, Paragraph 3 and Article 9, Paragraph 2 of the 
   Regulations Governing Agricultural Products Certification 
   Bodies if the review results prove that the applications are 
   consistent with the accreditation guide of organic 
   agricultural product certification bodies.

8. To check and verify that the organic agricultural product 
   certification bodies are continually consistent with the 
   accreditation guide in the validity period of the 
   accreditation certificates, the Council of Agriculture may 
   conduct the surveillance by assigning personnel to conduct 
   documented verification, headquarters audit or witness audit. 
   For certification bodies, whose part or entire qualification 
   of conformity assessment was annulled, shall be regarded as 
   its part or entire ability of certification operation in 
   scope of accreditation a demerit under norm of accreditation.